About Us

We are Proactive, Not Reactive.

 1.)    We continually educate ourselves.

 2.)    We are overly cautious.

 3.)    We always expect the best but are well prepared for the worst.

 4.)    We identify the warning signs of when to deny an applicant.

 5.)    We are quick to communicate with owners and residents, effectively.

 6.)    We do not rely on our memory and document everything.

 7.)    We use checklists for each task from start to finish.

 8.)    We inspect our properties regularly and before renewals are offered.

 9.)    We always embrace and integrate new technology.

10.)   We treat everyone by the “Golden Rule.”

11.)   We emotionally remove ourselves from all situations and treat everything as a business.

12.)   We refuse to manage any sub par properties.

13.)   We know when to settle a matter to avoid litigation.

14.)   We take cybersecurity seriously and are involved with local & national small business cybersecurity initiatives.

15.)   We don’t just learn new ideas, we implement them.

16.)   We have a form or notice for every situation.

17.)   We know having systems, policies, procedures & checklists are vital keys to our success.

18.)   We call our attorney anytime we’re unsure of an action and always use their legal advice.

19.)   We manage each property as if it were our own.

20.)   We use discretion when choosing which properties to manage.




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